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Anticipation on the eve of my move west

Originally posted on Friday, May 11, 2012 on

Now that the spring 2012 semester is finally coming to a close, I find myself preparing for the next chapter in my path to a career. In mid-March I accepted an offer to do a summer internship with a leading tech company out in Folsom, California. I will be working as a network specialist intern, and I see this as a tremendous opportunity to further my knowledge of networking and work with a company I’ve long admired.

I just finished taking a course on internetworking at my school, along with a course on Internet security. Internetworking afforded ample opportunity to work hands-on with Cisco routers and switches, and I learned so much in that course that potentially having the chance to build on that foundation and gain valuable work experience has me incredibly excited.

I’ve set a lot of goals for this summer, and it’s my time to shine! I’ve got a feeling this summer will be one of personal and professional growth, and I’m going to make the most of it!

Using WordPress as a blogging platform

I’ve decided to migrate my blog from tumblr to WordPress for more advanced features and general ease of use. Previously, I was using tumblr and using their JSON API in order to embed blog posts into the website I built last spring, but now I will be overhauling my website and the advanced features offered here are awesome. This change was inspired by a lot of recommendations from family and peers!

I will be keeping this up-to-date with my studies and works in technology, and my independent study in Software Defined Networking!